The ultimate technique for drinking without gaining weight?

The ultimate technique for drinking without gaining weight?

We will therefore benefit from the positive effects for the metabolism while preventing any fat gain.

Step 1: diet for the day

The macro-nutrients we talked about are not stored the same way.

Protein, for example, is almost impossible to store on its own, even if you eat a lot of it (it has to be converted to sugar and then to fat).

Sugars can be converted into fat.

Fat is stored almost directly (but only when there is a calorie surplus).

So you can eat protein (almost non-storable) with vegetables (low in calories). So try to avoid eating too much fat that day, both before and during the aperitif.

You won’t have anything in your stomach to store. The other advantage is that you will feel the euphoric effects with much less alcohol than a full stomach.

Step 2: choose the right alcohol

If you are not going to store the alcohol itself, you can definitely store what you drink with it. To resume the study with grape juice, it is the latter’s sugar that will be stored.

When you make a cocktail, you’re going to add a sugary drink … again this is the sugar that is the problem. In beer, it’s the carbohydrates from fermented grains.

Cider and rosé, as well as sweet or sweet wines (like Martini) are also very sweet.

A good solution is to limit yourself to those low in sugar, such as:

– dry wines (white and red)

– spirits (in a shooter or with a calorie-free soda light drink)

Step 3: do not eat fats before and during the aperitif

I have nothing against fat, but on the days when you drink you may find yourself in excess calories and therefore store more easily if you have eaten fat at the same time.

The real problem is therefore the sausage, peanuts and aperitif cookies! Be reasonable and limit yourself to raw vegetables without too much mayonnaise.

Alcohol accelerates storage, don’t make it easy!

Step 4: drink water

Alcohol dehydrates, so you should drink water regularly. Personally, I try to alternate alcohol glasses and glasses of water.

You need to drink to lose weight, it is important to overcompensate that day

If you maintain an consumption of less than 7 glasses per week on average, you do not risk much.

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