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Cherry pink with pale greenish gleams. Its bubbles are small, delicate
and explosive. The well-balanced nose opens with ripe red fruit, wild
strawberry, raspberry. Deliciously mouth filling and beautifully fresh,
the palate is brimming with wild cherry and exotic fruit whose
freshness, elegance, and long lingering finish make our Crémant the
perfect festive and special occasion wine.




AOP Crémant de Limoux


60% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir, 10% Chenin


50 HL / Ha


12% alc./vol

The vines grow on a chalky clay soil at 200 to 300 metres altitude to
the west of Limoux, where average annual rainfall is around 800mm.
This temperate, humid climate, subject to westerly atmospheric
conditions and cycles of hot weather, causes berry ripening to occur
later than in the other Mediterranean and coastal terroirs.

Made using the Méthode Traditionnelle. The grapes are exclusively
hand-picked and transported to the cellar in small crates. The Pinot
macerate for one night (to give its color to this Cremant), then all the
grapes are pressed and later vinified like a classic white wine in
thermo-regulated tanks at 15°C. The wine is then painstakingly
blended from a selection of vats and bottled with the addition of
selected yeasts. It is then that the second fermentation begins, with
the resulting carbon dioxide that forms in the bottle creating the
effervescence. The wine is then left to rest in contact with its lees for
15 months. The final stage consists of turning the bottle so that the
neck is at the bottom, where the sediment will accumulate and can
been expelled after being frozen. A small amount of liquid is lost
during this process and so the wine is topped up with still wine and
liqueur d’expedition (a sweet mixture) just before the final corking

In the bottle for 15 months



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