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In Vineyard

Governo all’Uso Toscano is an old Tuscan technique to produce Tuscan red wine of great fruit and easy appeal.
The harvest takes place in two steps: a first early selection of the best grapes of Sangiovese, which will govern the fermented wine, and a second harvest of Sangiovese and Syrah grapes at perfect maturation.

In Cellar

The first selection of grapes follow a drying process in specific rooms to intensify the fruity notes and the natural concentration of each grape. In the meanwhile, the second portion starts the first alcoholic fermentation, then
it ages in cement vats, in which the malolactic fermentation occurs.
In this passage the selected grapes are added to “govern” the wine, enriching it in natural sugar content, and due to this sugar concentration, a second fermentation takes place until springtime. The result is a smooth, fresh and fruity wine.

In Tasting

It has a ruby red color; it is characterized by fruity notes of cherry, currant, mixed berries marmalade and floral hints. It’s soft, elegant and well balanced thanks to the acidity level.


It’ s the result of an ancient technique revised in a modern style.


Wine for all meals, perfect with traditional dishes as pici spahetti and meat sauce.
Taste at 18 °C


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