Wine and Organic

Alisa & Carlos Navidad

Literally the best wine place in the area. When I walked in, it definitely was the Louis Vuitton of the wine stores around here in that it was designed beautifully and everyone was knowledgeable. They had gold wine fridges and everything was in pristine condition. The prices were amazing and affordable. They show you the families where the wine came from as well. Evelyn was so amazing and so gifted with her knowledge of wine! We tried wine and they were soooo good! We ended up getting 3 wines. I have been looking for a place that understands my pallet and this is the place that has. I found my go to wine after 12 years of searching. Please go and try this place out. Also the gentleman at the register was so sweet and kind! Also one thing that was big to me was the customer service. They have the best customer service out there for the wines store around here. They care about you! Thank you Wine and Organic for a pleasant and beautiful experience.